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Sea Kayaks for Upstream

For the most physically fit and challenge our customers may choose to rent sea kayaks, and row upstream up to 15 miles to the base of the dam. This will likely take a full day but will be an amazing journey. Stay overnight and float back in the morning.
$65/day includes Kayak, pump, double bladed kayak paddle, and personal floatation device

Inflatable Kayaks

If you want to be very sure that you always stay afloat in the boat, try an inflatable kayak. They are fun, easy to paddle, carry loads of gear easily and unsinkable. If you wish to paddle from the dam down to Lee’s Ferry Beach, we can help.
$45/day includes Kayak, pump, double bladed kayak paddle, and personal floatation device

Stand Up Paddle Boards*

Paddle your SUP board right off the Ramp at Lee’s Ferry  as far as you like upstream, or we’ll hook you up with a licensed shuttle agent to deliver you 12 miles upstream to the dam for a 3-5 hour paddle back to the ramp.
$45/day includes Stand Up Paddle board, pump, T-grip Paddle, and personal floatation device

$25/person + $25/boat Backhaul services are limited to certain time schedules. It’s best to call 48 hours ahead!

16-foot Flat Bottom Skiff**

Our 16-foot Hog Island Boatworks Flat Bottom boats has a powerful outboard motor and oars for eddy jumping on the fish. These boats were designed and built for this stretch of river. They are made of a polyethylane plastic and are rated as a floatation device by the U.S. Coast Guard. They are bulletproof and unsinkable. Rated Carrying Capacity: 5 Adults or 1250 lbs.
$225/day plus tax and fuel


*Paddle Boards
Most of our Stand Up Paddle Boards are inflatable so you can easily transport them to the river and inflate.

**Motor Boats
You must have a vehicle capable of towing the trailer and boat from our Marble Canyon Shop at the corner of Lee’s Ferry and Marble Canyon (5 miles to the river) to launch and retrieve it. The vehicle must be equipped with a secure and fully operational trailer hitch with a 2-inch ball and “flat four” wiring connection. A major credit card is required. There is a 30-day cancellation policy on rental boats as supplies are limited.

Safety Equipment
Drysuits and Wetsuits are available upon request

Contact us today to reserve your rental