Backhaul Shuttle Service

Kayak the Colorado is a Coast Guard certified and licensed “fishing guide” in Marble Canyon. Most people that kayak in the “Horse Shoe Bend” will use our backhaul service to access the upper regions of the Colorado river and kayak back to Lee’s Ferry and their awaiting car. Kayak the Colorado is not a guide service, but does rent kayaks to travel downstream to the parking lot at Lee’s Ferry.


There are no rapids above Lee’s Ferry. Only 3 – 4 mph of downstream current, 10k cubic feet per second of crystal clear, trout-filled river. The water temperature is 50° F, so always carry an extra set of clothes, water, and food.

For a one day trip, we suggest a drop-off at the Petroglyphs at Horse Shoe Bend, which is 9 miles and can take 3 – 5 hours to paddle back to Lee’s Ferry. For overnight trips, we can take you all the way to the dam, which is 16 miles and can take 7 – 10 hours to paddle back to Lee’s Ferry. Overnight trips allow people to work with any inclement weather like wind on their journey.

There are toilets and fire rings at all camps. Camps are designated at the composting toilets. On your backhaul, we will point out all of the good campsites and hikes.

There is no permit at this time to kayak and camp. You will need to pay for parking at the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area kiosk on Lee’s Ferry Road, unless you have an Annual National Parks Pass.

There are no guided kayak trips on the Colorado river. If you need a guide, try our fishing trip, it’s an amazing day.

There are several hikes on the trip. Short hikes to the Petroglyphs and Waterholes Canyon–a three-quarter mile jaunt to the exit of a canyoneering route Waterholes Canyon Amphitheater.

  • Water
  • Food
  • Dry Clothes
  • Sleeping Bag (overnight)
  • Sleeping Pad (overnight)