Kayak the Colorado at Lee’s Ferry

Why Choose Us?


We take care of everything so you can have fun!


Tell us what you want and we’ll set it up and get you launched. The only responsibility you have is to have a great day!


We’ve got the best gear kept in the best shape – Everything you need to play safely on the Colorado.

Experience the Colorado River

Stand Up Paddle Board

Paddle your SUP board upstream from the Lee's Ferry Beach as far as you like. Beautiful Navajo sandstone walls will tower above as you glide gently along the shoreline. Watch the fish below you. There are 30,000 fish/mile in the upper stretches of the Colorado River. Paddleboarding is a unique meditative exercise that one will only understand by DOING. Get in the Zen. If you wish to paddle from the dam down to Lee's Ferry Beach, we can help.

Inflatable Kayak or Ducky

If you want to be very sure that you always stay afloat in the boat, try an inflatable kayak. They are fun, easy to paddle, carry loads of gear easily and are unsinkable. If you wish to paddle from the dam down to Lee's Ferry Beach, we can help.


You will need to have a 2" ball or receiver on you vehicle to rent the 16 foot or 22 foot snout, as well as be able to back the boat into the water and launch it yourself. If you do not have the capacity to trailer the boat we can rent you a suitable truck. We do not launch boats for clients, sorry. Our motorboats at Marble Canyon are powered by New 30hp Hondas.